Extreme HCG

Extreme HCG WARNING PLEASE READ FIRST: Real Homeopathic HCG is expensive to manufacture and many products available use very little if any HCG at all. Homeopathic manufactures must register with the FDA and have an NDC (National Drug Code) assigned to ensure authenticity. Many formulas do not comply with this requirement and use fillers to cut costs. DO NOT waste your money on cheap imitations. Our formula is authentic homeopathic HCG of the highest quality available.

Extreme HCG

This is your chance to buy the Highest grade, MAXIMUM Potency hCG diet drops available! This revolutionary formula is unlike any other HCG formula on the market, Pharmaslim HCG includes the addition of a powerful blend of slimming herbs that have been shown to speed weight loss, burn more fat and kick your weight loss results into overdrive. DO NOT waste your money on lesser quality formulas that use fillers to cut costs
No ridiculous claims, only results. Our formula has a 98% customer satisfaction rate. How many other diet products can say that?

HCG is the revolutionary new diet product unlike any other, allowing MILLIONS of users lose up 30 pounds OR MORE in the first month alone.

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone that is produced naturally during pregnancy to ensure the developing baby receives proper nutrients. It has several functions and is used medically to treat a variety of conditions. Homeopathic HCG, when used for weight loss has ability to melt fat away at an extremely accelerated rate. The difference is in the quality of the formula. Extreme HCG’s high quality maximum strength HCG Drops allow for maximum absorption, allowing it to begin working immediately after taking it.

Trust us you WILL be back for more.
1 Bottle = 60ml (2 oz)
FREE HCG Protocol, Diet Plan, and Diet Tips included in your order!
To achieve maximum weight loss It is highly recommended that you use this formula for at least 2 months (2 – 3 Bottles)